The words from Our valued clients.
Sun, July 22, 2012 at 7:29 AM

Sri R C Panta
Tirupati Holidays Tours

Dear Sri Panta,
Namaste, and MANY MANY THANKS.

We reached Hyderabad safely around midnight of 19th, after enjoying a wonderful holiday organized by you. The trip was memorable thanks to the trouble taken by you and all your people who made it so enjoyable.

Please thank Mr Mohan and his group at Pokhara who made our stay there also very happy and comfortable.

The food at both Pokhara and Kathmandu was very delicious and all of us enjoyed it. In fact, as I wrote to you before leaving for Kathmandu, we were apprehensive about how we, vegetarians, would fare there. As assured by you, we did not have any trouble and we enjoyed the food.

It was very handsome of you to give us all a farewell dinner, and also a farewell lunch. Thank you very much.

Our special thanks to Sri Amit (or is his name Amrit) for taking special care of us all, throughout our stay there. In fact he was so affectionate, and lavished so much care on us all as if we were all his family members. Please covey our special thanks to him.

All the other members of your team - the kitchen, dining hall, watchmen, etc - were very courteous and helpful, and please convey our thanks.

Yours, with Best Regards,

Ch V Suryanarayana
203 A, New Bhoiguda
Ph 040 27530769


Thu, March 29, /12 10:56 AM

I write this to express my and my group's sincere thanks to you and the staff members for the excellent arrangements made for our tour of 12 day of Nepal & Muktinath.

I found the staff of the hotel very dedicated, sincere and helpful to the customers. They are very prompt in meeting the requirements of the customers. The atmosphere at the hotel was very pleasant and enjoyable.

Mr. R C PANTA, who is at the helm of affairs is a very simple person with moral values. He ensured at every step that we are comfortable during our stay and journey. A rare distinction.

I will be failing in my duties, if I did not mention about Mr. AMIT, the guide giveN to us. An excellent young man with pleasing manners. He was alway at our call and given a good service.

On the whole, I am of the opinion that M/s TIRUPATI TOURS AND TRAVELS under the stewardship of Mr. RC Panta are doing their best to ensure customer satisfaction and the charges they levy are most competitive.

I wish them all the success in their future endeavour and Pray Almighty God to bless them in all ways.

Once again thanks for all that u have done for us.

with regards
yours sincerely


Wed Oct 05, 2011, 4:18 PM

Hello Mr. Panta,

Thank you very much for making the Muktinath trip of my parents a very memorable one! They are extremely happy and completely satisfied with the way it went. They are all praise for the warmth and care that you provided them during the trip.

I'll whole heartedly recommend TIRUPATI HOLIDAYS to all family members and friends of mine.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


Arun Segaran.

Fri, Sept. 23, 2011 at 4:11 PM

Dear Panta Jee,

I personally and on behalf of my group Thank You and your staff for making our Yatra Kailash - Mansarovar sucessful. I specially thank your Sherpa team who took our good care. Although there were many ups n downs but with the guidance of Lord Shiva and help of you all it was not possible. May Lord Shive bless, protect and guide you in future.

With Regards

Ashwani Fotedar
Safeway Travel & Tours Ltd.
48- Jummah Mosque Street,
Port-Louis, Mauritius.

Mon, Sept., 19, 2011 at 2:23 PM

Dear Pantaji

I would like to express our appreciation for organising a beautiful Pokhara and Muktinath Yaatra for our group. Amrit was very patient and accommodating as well.
When we come back to Nepal we will be in touch once again .

Meanwhile, could I request you to send me the JPG image of the Muktinath photo you gave all of us. Lots of people liked it and I would like to get a few more copies if I can.

Warm regards


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dear Mr.Panta,

Thank you for the all excellent arrangements you have done for our travel and stay. As you mentioned earlier, by the grace of Lord Muktinath, everything went well. The guide, Amrit had also took care of us during our trip to Muktinath and Pokhra.

Thank you for the lunch on the last day of our trip where we had an informal chat too.

Overall, the trip to Nepal especially Muktinath was unforgettable and we will be cherishing the experience for a long time. I have attached a couple of photos of snow covered Muktinath.


Sree Kumar
Gen Manager- Budget & Planning
Finance Division – Operational Controlling
Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Saturday , 6th Nov. 2010

Dear Pantaji,

All 14 of us including the two children wish to express our appreciation for the wonderful holiday/pilgrimage you have provided us during the past ten days. We have happily descended at Hyderabad two days ago reminiscing about the good times we all had at Nepal.

Your arrangements were convenient and thoughtful, the price very reasonable and the way you understood our special requirements needs a special mention.

We wish you well in your chosen profession.

God bless you,

ML Sastry & party
Hyderabad, India 

Sunday, 17th Oct. 2010

Dear Mr Panta,

My sister and I really enjoyed our trip to Nepal and very much enjoyed the programme you put together for us.  There were many places we had not been to on our previous visit and the places we had already visited we enjoyed going back to see them again.  We have come back to England with a lot of happy memories and lots and lots of photographs. We had a journey home which lasted 24 hours but we had no problems on the journey and arrived home safely.  
One day we hope to return to Nepal which is a place that both my sister and I love very much

Thank you for all that you did for us.

Regards from
Juliette Elson & Gillian Humphreys.
Hannover, United Kingdom

Tue 11 May 2010, 9:03 PM

Dear Mr. Pantaji

My family and I express our heartiest thanks to you for your excellent arrangements during out visit to Muktinath and I wish you continue your services to all Hindu devotees in the same manner.  Your efforts enabled us to have a peaceful visit.  We reached India safely on 07th and on 11th at Chennai.  Look forward to your services in the future as well.  Pl be in touch.  God bless.

Thanking you,


Monday, May 10, 2010 :51 AM

Dear Panta

Thank you It was a wonderful trip in Nepal. We were able to see most places despite the bundh.Your arrangements of flight and tours despite bundh were excellent. We feel but for you the tour would not have been possible.
We are sorry we could not see you yesterday. We got caught in the traffic jam and we just made it to the flight. I had given the sim card to the driver. I hope you have got it back.

Thank you once again, from all of us.

Please send the other tours you conduct with details.

Harish & Family
Mysore, Karnataka, Banglore

Dear Pantaji,

We have returned safely back to Bangalore on 7th night. We wish to thank you and your staff (Damodar and the car driver) for their total co-operation and their effort. It was a very good trip for us and the honour of making our trip excellent must go to you mainly and your people. We are meeting our relatives and friends who were all eager to learn about the trip. We have told them about you and all are amazed about your professionalism in arranging and planning the trip so good.

Once again we wish to thank you for making our trip very good.

C. Venkatesh & Rama Venkatesh
Sun, 29 Nov 2009

Dear Mr. Panta,

How are you? This is Mrs.Ragavan form India. We enjoyed Mukthinath trip arranged by you .Thank you. My mail id has changed, so reply to this ID. We want to visit Kailash & manasarovar, with my sister and brother in law from USA during may end or june first week. Can you arrage the trip from Lucknow .(without kathmandu) Helicopter tour is preferrable as we cannot spend more than 15 days all together from India and to reach back. Can you arrange? What is your suggestion?we are about 8 persons together, yet to confirm exact number of passengers.

Thank you.

Dear Mr. Panta,

I am extremely glad and pleased to inform you that my parents reached home on 5 th May 2009 with enormous contentment resulting from the blessings of Lord Muktinath and the Seva he bestowed upon them. We are sincerely thankful to you, Mr. Damodar and your agency to have made this possible. My parents have been talking about your splendid hospitality, care and concern all throughout the journey and the arrangements made in the otherwise inhospitable conditions.
Truly satisfied with your services, we intend to recommend Tirupati travels to relatives and friends - many of whom intend to travel to muktinath in the months to come!

Our best wishes to you and Mr.Damodhar in all your endeavors!

Thank you again

Arjun Ragavendra

Sat, August 23, 2008

Hi Mr Panta,

Hope you are doing fine?

I am sorry i did not reply youn promptly.

We had a great time and thank you for your help. We had no problem and our trip went as per our plans. You help is very mych appreciated.

I will surely refer you to anybody who is planning to come to India/Nepal.

Trushar Mody

Dear Mr. Panta,

I was in Kathamndu with MR Bala from Sydney in September 2008.  We had a nice and enjoyable time during our stay in Nepal


Chitra Srinivasan
Sydney, Australia

Mon, 10 Mar 2008

Dear Ram,
Namaste and great to hear from you.

It was a pleasure and I don't think I was pointing to any specific weak points on your end. In fact, it was the opposite since I pecifically mentioned that you were an asset for Orbitz. I thought that I clearly mentioned that the "shortcomings" were not necessarily controllable (how can you control the fuel supply through Nepal!). 
And yes of course, if we are planning to visit Nepal you are deifnitely going to hear from us. Also, plan a trip down to India and Gujarat. Some good places to see around here (including a large coastline!)

Alay Desain

From: alay_desai@hotmail.com
To: did.amd@orbitz-world.com
Subject: Nepal Trip Feedback
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 11:07:47 -0800

Hello Kumud,

I wanted to thank you for arranging a wonderful trip to Nepal for me and my mother.

We had traveled to Pokhara and Kathmandu for 7 days. I was anxious about the trip since I was traveling with my mother -- a senior citizen and someone who does not keep good health. In addition, I had heard about the problems in Nepal. However, our local contact, Mr. R. C. Panta had made good arrangements that allayed all apprehensions.

What went well:

* The local team in Nepal was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Mr. R. C. Panta above all deserves special mention. He is definitely an asset for Orbitz.

* We were well received at the airport on time and that continued throughout the trip.

* The hotels, Malla in Kathmandu and Shangri-La in Pokhara, were good.

What could have been improved:

* Our driver in Pokhara was average to below par. He was into finding shortcuts for everything and it seemed he was preoccupied to get some place else rather than where he was supposed to be. I would not hire him again.

* We spent an entire day (10:05 AM - 6:25 PM) in Pokhara airport. This was because we were booked on Sita Air for our flight back to Kathmandu. Sita Air is a low cost, newer airline. If I had an option I would fly only by Buddha or Yeti Air in Nepal .

* The market street area around Fewa lake in Pokhara is great. Not sure if there is an equivalent resort in the vicinity. If there is, you might want to provide your customers with an option since that houses your customers into a great tourist area within a short walk.

* As per your directions, we had the car from 8 AM - 8 PM. However, all drivers wanted to leave by 6 PM and I did let them go off everyday before 6 PM grudgingly. Towards the end, I found out accidentally that it is because they wanted to go fuel hunting. Had it not been explained I would have been extremely disappointed that I was not able to visit the Thamel area, Boudhanath's evening prayer, Durbar Marg restaurants and few other places that I wanted to visit (not part of itinerary but easily doable within 8 -8 time).

Overall, I would say that it was a fantastic trip. We thoroughly enjoyed it and you have converted me into a loyal customer (actually champion since I already was singing virtues of Orbitz to one of the guys interested in undertaking a trip to Nepal).

Thank you very much for doing a stellar job from me and my mother as well as my father. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.


Alay Desai

Mon 31-12-2007, 5:39 PM

Dear RamChandra,

Wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2008. Thank you again for all the wonderful arrangements you had made for our trip to Nepal. Next time we will plan a trip for Muktinath one more time. Somebody from California called me for a reference– Mrs. Malathy Srinivasan. I told her that you were a very reliable and honest travel agent and she should make all reservations through you.

Best wishes,

Usha Srinivasan

Wed, August 17, 2005

Shri Pantji
Namaste and greetings from us.

We are all fine and hope the same for you. How can we forget you......we just cannot forget you and your agency for all the love and support u gave us. Please pass on my namaste to Siva Pandey also. My baby..we have named her Tamanna....and by the grace of Bhagwan Shri Pahupatinathji, she will be one year this August 29..we are very happy...and simple we canot forget you.

Once again greetings to you

Nimesh Verma

Tue, July 10, 2003

Hello Panta Sir,

How are you ? We reached very safely. Thanks for your help and all you have done to us. Your arrangements were very fine , from rafting , pokhara and in Chitwan. accomadtaion and travel were very fine. thanks for your help in making plan for us. Yesterday i had talked to Raja who had gone with us for Nepal Tour about you and your services.

once again thanks for the all the help you had done to us.

yours friendly


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