Chitwan Jungle Lodge

The Royal Chitwan National Park , one of Asia 's richest and most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries, is situated 75 air miles southwest of ' Kathmandu '. In this panoramic jungle setting we operate a unique vacation facility.

Of all the world's remaining jungles, one of the most enchanting is Royal Chitwan National Park in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal . Here, at Chitwan Jungle Lodge, you will discover a lost world of towering trees and twisting vines, of pre-historic rhino and lumbering elephants, of crocodile, python and deer; of brilliantly colored birds and if you are fortunate - the superb Royal Bengal Tiger.

Chitwan Jungle Lodge is proud to be the pioneers of environmentally sensitive nature tourism in Nepal . Our Lodge is used as a model throughout Asia . We believe that responsible and controlled tourism can benefit conservation and indigenous people.

Chitwan Jungle Lodge lies in the park, on the banks of the river Rapti. Listen to the sounds of nature, the forest-birdsong, the rustle of deer in the bushes or the tempting call of elephants. From the moment you wake at dawn to roam through the jungle on elephant back, to the quiet talk around the camp fire at day's end: Chitwan Jungle Lodge - the unforgettable experience.

Built from Natural materials it blends perfectly with its jungle surroundings, and offers luxurious facilities. All the individual bungalows at Chitwan Jungle Lodge are perfectly blended with natural surroundings. The rooms are tastefully decorated with private solar powered hot and cold running showers.



The Bungalows : All of the individual bungalows at Chitwan Jungle Lodge are perfectly blended with natural surroundings. The rooms are tastefully decorated with private solar powered hot and cold running showers.

The Dining Hall : In addition to breakfast and lunch, you can enjoy a buffet dinner of Nepalese, Chinese and Continental food in our dining hall. Adjacent to the dining hall is a well-stocked bar and a shop where you can buy souvenirs.


Elephant Safari : Seated high on the back of a trained elephant exploring the grasslands and forest, you become a part of the life of the jungle. It is a experience of lifetime approaching closely but safely to some of the world's rarest animals.

Elephant Bathing : Just relax beside the serene river and watch the graceful elephants taking a bath or if its too tempting, join them while taking a dip.

Observation Tower : Be quite on the 22 feet high wooden tower built in the prime location of the park, which offers unique chances to see the movement of the animals in the wilderness.

Bird Watching : An early morning walk through the bush and along the Rapti River , is a must to view many of the more than 450 species of exotic birds including the Giant Hornbill, Lesser Florican and Paradise Flycatcher. You will be accompanied by our experienced naturalists.

Canoeing : A journey down the river Rapti in a traditional 'dug out canoe', offers you the chance to quietly observe the exotic species of birds and animals that come for a sip at the water's edge.

Nature Walk : Walk deep into the jungle, led by one of the lodge's experienced naturalist to prime spots in search of rare animals. Be on the lookout for the great one horned rhino, four different species of deer, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, bison and the 'Royal Bengal Tiger'.

Jungle Drive : Drive into the heart of the park for a good chance to spot the rare species.

Elephant Briefing : Of all the animals. elephants are probably the most graceful. Our naturalists will show you how the elephants' meals are prepared and how they eat. They will explain the nature and habits of elephants. If particularly interested in driving the animal, an opportunity will be provided.

Tharu Stick Dance : Watched by the bon fire the symbolic dances of the Tharu People.

Slide Show : Our slide show is packed with information about Royal Chitwan National Park and its wildlife and our naturalists are here to share their knowledge of the jungle with you to enrich your stay.

Village Tour : Experience the unique society of the Tharu people. For centuries the Tharu have lived close to the jungle. Their tradition reflects their intimate relationship with the natural world. Visit a Tharu village and share their world with them as you reach out to touch another culture.

Special Tours : Special Tours can be organized on request for our Guests eg. Special guided jungle tours, bird watching trips.

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