Machan Wildlife Resort

Where the Sal forest of the Chitwan jungle meets the wide and beautiful valley of the Rapti river, the world is wild and splendid. Broad grassland sweeps north to the Mahabharata range and virgin jungle extends south to the Churia hills. For centuries the dense jungle bordering on the foothills of the Himalayas formed an impenetrable barrier, keeping Nepal a hidden and mysterious kingdom. The last three decades have seen that barrier breached, but the jungle of the Royal Chitwan National Park remains a world apart. Here the spirit of great explorer-adventurers still lives.

With the opening of Machan Wildlife Resort a new chapter is being written in adventure and exploration in the Chitwan jungle. The perfect beauty of its setting allows one to realize a fantasy most of us have cherished since childhood: the spirit of Mowgli in the world of Rudyard Kip ling.

The accommodation at Machan Wildlife Resort is in timber-framed bungalows having private bathrooms providing modern toilet amenities. To blend with the environment, lighting is by kerosene lanterns, which we place outside your rooms at sundown. Electric bulbs light the main building with the dining room and bar and the pathway to the rooms, and the power comes from a generator

The Resort restaurant offers both Nepalese, Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine, hygienically prepared with concern for your health. Our bar offers a wide variety of imported and local liquors, beers, soft drinks and exotic cocktails

The Setting
Like our guests we care about the environment. Our architect and designer, Robert Powell, allowed no clearing of the site. Instead the buildings were designed and constructed around the trees. The bungalows provide modernamenities, while the wood and bamboostructures, mud walls and color schemesare all inspired by the indigenous traditional architecture of the Chitwan region. A stream flowing between them has been widened to form a natural swimming pool, the only one inside the national park

At Machan Wildlife Resort, a team of expert naturalists has been formed under the leadership of Dr. Charles Ramble, an anthropologist and naturalist with wide experience of Nepal . They will share their knowledge of the jungle's flora and fauna as they guide you on elephant back and in Land rovers , on nature walks and bird-watching excursions Canoeing is done in traditional dugout canoes which will give you a tranquil crocodile's-eye view of the jungle, and a few miles drive upstream to the villages of the Danwar tribal community will allow you a glimpse into the lives of the jungle dwellers of Nepal.

When the spirit of the explorer-adventurers is strongest, we will trek with you into the dense forests of the Churia hills, the last domain in Chitwan where wild elephants still roam. Hidden in this remote region are the remains of ancient settlements that the jungle has reclaimed. To appreciate MACHAN fully we recommend a visit of not less than 3 days.


Machan Wildlife Resort is located 190 km southwest of Kathmandu in the eastern edge of the Royal Chitwan National Park .


By land - Our vehicles will drive you there on the same mountain road which originally revealed Nepal 's hidden beauty to the outside world. The road crosses the Mahabharat Range at 2500 m and follows the Trishuli river most of the way.It offers splendid views of the Himalayas in clear weather.

By air -There are two daily flights from Kathmandu to Bharatpur airfield, the nearest to Machan Wildlife Resort, and from Bharatpur guests are transported by Land-Rover to the resort which is 40 km from the airfield.

By raft - You can opt for a raft trip down the Trishuli river which follows the road down into Chitwan National Park , with our trained rafting crew, and bivouac at camps on riverside beaches. This is Nepal 's most popular rafting river, for its impressive gorges, exciting rapids, and some easier sections. For many people it represents the ideal compromise trip: just the right length of, exhilarating rapids, and not too difficult.

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